James Stephens III was a jovial child of humble beginnings who grew up in the small town.  He excelled academically to earn dual degrees in criminal justice and political science while attending Georgetown University and Seattle University. Contrary to the path in which his academic preparation would have predisposed him to follow, for the last two decades James has traveled the world utilizing his artistic talents to bring joy into the lives of multitudes of people from the rich and famous to the poor and ordinary.

Considered to be one of the most versatile and talented of reputable entertainers, James has achieved wide national and international acclaim across his fields as comedian, impressionist, actor and musician. His cross-over appeal has taken him from performances at the White House and Carnegie Hall to the famous Apollo Theatre. He has graced the stage with legendary greats such as Aretha Franklin and James Brown, shared the big screen with Jennifer Aniston and Dana Carvey, and paired with comic icons Will Ferrell, Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. James is also not a stranger to corporate entertainment, for years he has provided unparalleled performances to meet the goals of major corporations such as McDonald's, Cisco and American Airlines.

As James rose to stardom so did his chances of fulfilling his true purpose in life: to uplift, educate and serve others. James has had the extraordinary opportunity to team up with notables as Dr. Maya Angelou and Bishop T.D. Jakes, join efforts with non-profit organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House, NAACP and lead his own organization - James Stephens III Scholarship Foundation. When James is not on the road traveling to his next gig or speaking engagement, he is often found ministering to people from all walks of life in churches, prisons and schools.

Throughout his explorations, James Stephens III has transcended limitations and genre while still maintaining his unique, unmistakable charisma. One can be confident that a surefire standing ovation follows suit on the heels of his performances and engagements.

Accepted God's Calling

preparingIt was summer 2008 that James' life took one of those mysteriously fruitful turns that some observers like to ascribe to "chance." No sooner had he received his acceptance into a doctoral program in Theology that he suffered a series of life's most brutal attacks, which is not unlike what is written in the Bible, that there will be increased times of distress before your due season. James himself, looking back on his life from the vantage point of decades of inner evolution, called it instead an act of grace from God, the unfolding of events according to some deep inner necessity of which he himself was unaware. Upheld by his successes and battered by his failures, he was ready to turn inward on his long journey of self-discovery. It was grace and not chance that provided him with the challenge of his life.

Without realizing it, James had found the secret of success. He began to look on every difficulty as an opportunity for service - to serve God and to serve God's people. The idea of selfless service had taken a hold of James and caused rapid changes in every aspect of his life. At first, the financial returns of being an entertainer were rewarding and it was painful to give up his time or pleasure for the sake of others' needs. But the freedom that followed was exhilarating so James chose to live for the sake of others and to live for the Lord.

In 2009, James devotedly accepted God's calling....and his life has never been the same.

Prepared to Entertain the World

entertain Now approaching the third decade of his professional life, James Stephens III remains where he has always been: in the forefront of entertainment, philanthropy and world culture.

Stephens' real achievements lay not in a field per se, but in the most important job that faces every man, woman and child on earth: the job of serving and loving. If someone were to ask the question, "What is James Stephens III about? " You can sum up the secret of James the man in three words: His Great Love.

Though one can't track exactly where James will go next since his vastly diverse background can lead him anywhere, he is sure to leave his own inimitable creative style and imprint wherever he lands and in the hearts of those he's had the opportunity to serve.